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Peter Carr has over ten years of experience in the derivatives industry. Currently Dr Carr heads Quantitative Financial Research at Bloomberg and the Masters in Mathematical Finance program at NYU’s Courant Institute. Prior to his current positions, he headed equity derivative research groups at 2 major banks and was a finance professor for eight years at Cornell University.

Research interests

Conducting research in the interface between academia and industry, he has published extensively in both academic and industry-oriented journals. He is currently the treasurer of the Bachelier Finance Society and an associate editor for eight journals related to mathematical finance. A plenary speaker at many practitioner conferences, he has recently won awards from Wilmott magazine for Cutting Edge Research and from Risk Magazine for Quant of the Year. In ICBI’s 2006 survey of contributions tothe derivatives industry, Dr. Carr was ranked as a leading academic and practitioner, the only person to appear in the top 3 in both categories.