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Professor Emanuel Derman is the Director of the MS program in Financial Engineering at Columbia University and Head of Risk Management at Prisma Capital Partners. Previously he was the Managing Director in Firm-wide Risk at Goldman, Sachs & Co. and a columnist for Risk magazine. He is on the Editorial board of Applied Mathematical Finance. He was a Senior Fellow of the International Association of Financial Engineers. Additionally, he was an Associate Editor of The Journal of Derivatives and Journal of Risk. Professor Derman is an active member of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Mathematical Finance Advisory Board Member and Board of Directors, Society of Quantitative Analysts. He was appointed the "Global Finance Magazine Derivatives Superstar" in 1995 and 1996, and was profiled in Global Finance December 1995 issue titled, "Portrait of a Rocket Scientist". He was the IAFE/Sungard Financial Engineer of the Year 2000, and announced to the Risk Magazine Hall of Fame 2002. His educational background is BSc at University of Cape Town, MA at Columbia University, PhD in Particle Physics, Columbia University.


Emanuel's blog can be found here

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